E39 Cabin Filter Housing Procedure

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Cabin filter housing removal

Remove left side cabin filter housing and air duct.
Remove housing cover by prying forward cover wire clip and pulling up on cover from front.
Disconnect housing strut tower mount spring clip.
Pry air duct bracket off filter housing (flathead). Rotate duct off filter housing.
Pull right side of filter housing up and away from front fender. Note positioning of filter housing upper left rear frame under and behind cowl frame.
Remove air duct by turning clockwise and pulling out.

Left hand drive cars: Fill sides of DME box (under cabin filter housing) with cloth towels. This prevents tools and parts from falling to side of box and be trapped under box.

Cabin filter housing installation

Install left side cabin ventilation duct.
Install vent duct by rotating clockwise from installation position, inserting into firewall access, pressing in and turning duct counter clockwise to hook onto studs.
Note: For proper insertion, align duct foam boot to mate flush with firewall opening (angled).
Note: If mounting is difficult, spray lubricant on firewall rubber boot (water based cleaner).

Mount cabin filter housing.
Tilt housing right side up and insert housing air duct into fender access hole. Position housing rear left top frame behind cowl frame for proper alignment. Lift up on cowl frame as needed.
Place windshield fluid hose, running along fender, under housing weather strip.
Fully insert housing duct into fender, align housing rear slots with cowl tabs, and lower housing right side. Insert housing lower mount bracket onto strut tower mounting stud.

Install filter housing strut tower mount spring clip.
Turn vent duct to mate with housing. Slide duct bracket bottom onto housing then snap duct bracket top three clips onto housing.
Install housing cover and snap on retaining wire clip.

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